The Reviews of Wifi Steal Discoverer

9月 2, 2011

I am so glad to get the permission to test Wifi Steal Discoverer Alpha. Here’re the reviews of Wifi Steal Discoverer(WSD).

You can also view Spanish version in this page:


Thanks to lysander!


The main interface of WSD



The main interface includes device Settings,online-devices status,monitor control and credit status.The About panel reflects the software built by Zhaochunsheng, the man who built Beini.


You can get the Authority file via make a donation for the author or for helping the author testing more models of routers which you can provide.It just saves a html file with the wireless clients status page on your router control panel, and sent it to the author.Very easy!


The TP-LINK, Tenda, Dlink, DD-WRT and etc are supported in WSD.The author is trying to support more models ASAP.


When you choiced the router settings, you could enter the software settings, like login user,password and more.


The WSD supports to run in the background.The notice is settable.


Here is an example of dd-wrt.Press Start monitor to get the wireless clients data.


You can also click the underline MAC. It will redirect to the OUI page.You can get more information about the wireless card builder which is using your wireless network.


When you are using WIFI to access to your router, your own MAC will be trusted automatically.


According to the testing, the 15 mins load avg is less than 0.10 . So this software will not increase the burden on the router.



The monitor is made a communication to the router directly. Mainly package is HTTP packages.


As all we know, the ARP packages will make a hard burden on the router.When someone sent lots of ARP packages in your network, it will increase the load on the router and make other clients access slowly.BUT WSD get the data from the router directly, it will NOT make a hard burden with the router and other clients.(just like the Topology showed)


The low load with the router makes it work in the background possible. If it checks with ARP packages, it just cannot work for a long time.



Another mainly function in WSD is -1 monitor.When someone trying to make a -1 attack, the software can also give you a warning.



The -1 monitor is also unsupported in ARP monitor softwares. Because it requests an existing connection with the router.

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